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Shark Tank’s Daymond John on Lessons From His Worst Mistakes

Published on May 8, 2013

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Daymond John, the founder of fashion brand FUBU and an investor on reality television show Shark Tank, sits down with Behind the Brand host Bryan Elliott to discuss his background and business philosophy. Raised in Queens, N.Y., John became frustrated in the 1980s that designers weren’t making clothes for the inner-city kids who loved rap music. He made 10 FUBU T-shirts and persuaded hip-hop artists such as LL Cool J to wear them in their music videos. After showcasing them in 40 videos, “people thought I was this huge company, when I was a waiter at Red Lobster with 10 T-shirts in my basement,”
John says.

Seth Godin on making your small business indispensable

Uploaded on Apr 9, 2010 Seth Godin is an iconic figure in the small business sector who has written several bestselling books on how to engage with customers. editor Dan Martin travelled to New York to meet Godin and, in an exclusive interview, asked him why to be successful entrepreneurs need to think tribal and become indispensable.


Seth Godin: The Art of Marketing

Published on Jul 5, 2012

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Seth Godin quotes about marketing:  It’s an art of making something that people want to talk about. What matters is what’s NOW not the future. Figure out how to engage. If you can’t do it well, don’t do it. Go ahead and make a ruckus!