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Documentary: Love Between the Covers

Writing Romance Novels is a very specific kind of entrepreneurship.

Love it or hate it, make fun of it or respect it …  it’s a billion dollar industry. This film “Love Between the Covers” reveals the world of female authors with their throng of female fans. Many of the successful writers held two jobs before they decided to write full time. It also covers the creative process — the writing, the brainstorming, the perspective from the editors, the adjustment to new technology like self-publishing and preparing the covers.

If you love to read and love to write, and want to share your stories to the rest of womankind, then consider this literary expression.

Documentary: Capital C

Interested in Crowd Funding? Capital C (available in Netflix) is a good place to start understanding about the nuances of this source of funding.

Treps need money to build their business. Through the magic of the internet, Trep ideas get matched with small and big time investors. You can google “crowd funding” and you can find several websites that act as a venue for the two to meet. is perhaps the most popular one.

What do investors get in return? Are they treated as stock holders? Is this a grant? The KickStarter website says this:

Backers that support a project on Kickstarter get an inside look at the creative process, and help that project come to life. They also get to choose from a variety of unique rewards offered by the project creator. Rewards vary from project to project, but often include a copy of what is being produced (CD, DVD, book, etc.) or an experience unique to the project.

Project creators keep 100% ownership of their work, and Kickstarter cannot be used to offer equity, financial returns, or to solicit loans.

Kickstarter gets paid 5% of the funds collected (plus 3-5% processing fees) but ONLY IF the Trep gathers enough $ to meet his/her goal.

The documentary follows Treps who talk about their experience. It’s interesting to see how similar-minded interests help each other make their hopes and dreams a reality. Within 35 days Treps need to get funding or all the investment $ disappear. It shows how bigger companies can take advantage and run with someone else’s idea because Startups don’t have enough funding to garner copyrights. They go to China to build cheaper copycat items and kill American ingenuity.

Put this in your WATCH list.


Documentary: Generation Startup

If you have a Netflix subscription, and you have a Trep blood flowing insode you, then you should watch “Generation Startup.” I’m sure the documentary is available elsewhere so do a little research on your own.

As the movie description states: “The film tracks six young Detroit entrepreneurs over 17 months as they struggle to make their business dreams into successful startup realities.”

It shows the difficulty and the rewards of charting your own future.

When you’re young you can dream big. It starts with a concept. A recognized need and a plan that mixes creativity, technical know-how and supportive partners. It shows the pitfalls of trusting the wrong people, the discouragement from family, the need for Plan B.

The film shows a difficult but positive view of Treps. Even if you fail, you learn something from the school of hard knocks.

I highly recommend this film.



JOBS! JOBS! Job Creation for Youth
By C Ray Carlson
District Chair, Job Creation & Entrepreneurship, Altadena, CA Rotary

Ray Carlson
Trep Maker, Founder, CEO

President Trump emphasizes the great need for Jobs, especially for Youth. Entrepreneurs are needed for that. They need to know how to write Business Plans based on their own ideas and understanding of digital/social media.

We Rotarians must and can do something for the youth of America and the World.  We have the largest bloc of business-savvy men and women that can do something tangible to help youth to understand how they can start their own businesses that create jobs for themselves and others.

Long term data from Sweden showed that 10 years after a Junior Achievement high school, program, 24% had started businesses and hired on average four others. The government was surprised and started financing one-half the cost, the private sector one-half. Thus 5 jobs for every 5 trained!

How many youth might we Rotarians in District 5300 train? San Marino HS is training 182 each year.  Arcadia about half of that. Together almost 300. Just two Rotary Clubs involved in  encouraging that through sponsorship of those high schools in our District Business Plan Competition (this year on May 4 – 3:30 at San Marino’s Huntington Middle School)  Are they ‘Making A Difference’? You betcha!

Making A Difference – our 2017-18 motto.  Let’s start to take Action and Now!

Internationally, Altadena and Skovde- Billingham (Sweden) have trained 12,000 Nigerian university students over the last 8 years. Hopefully another 2,000 in 2017 if sufficient funds are raised for a Global Grant. Many write exciting and viable Business Plans. We will start to offer Micro-finance to the best of them.

If you’ve seen recent news about violence in Nigeria, you will understand why it is so important for our clubs to help stimulate Job Creation. Nigeria’s population is equal to that of Germany, France, and Britain combined.  This will double by 2050. A doubling of jobs is needed.

Can your club help?  Rancho Cucamonga has just committed $1,000 toward $10,000 needed for the minimum Global Grant of $30,000. Member Dr Sarah Philips, Nigerian-American, has been the in-country projects manager. Before migrating to America, she was Chief Legislative Officer to the Parliament of her state. (Similar to attorney general of California!)

Even $100 to $1,000 from your club will help. Our District’s first project in Poland like this in 1991 was supported by 31 clubs. Altadena financed an extra university by themselves with $10,000, which led to 9 Paul Harris Fellowships because of $1,000 contributions designated toward the Matching Grant number.