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Busy but willing

Like many entrepreneurs life for me is a never-ending cycle of maintenance, marketing and serving new business. And I’m only talking about work life. Wait till you hear about my other lives. Despite that, I have decided to join our fearless leader, Ray Carlson in his vision to change the business world by infesting it with new entrepreneurs.

We don’t know where this is going but something tells me this is the start of something big. Really big!

We are open to suggestions, We welcome volunteers. We trust that God will provide.

Job Creation & Entrepreneurship

Are entrepreneurs born or are they developed? I think the better question is why aren’t you an entrepreneur? Whether you become a job creator or an employee, is usually based on the tools you are given. If no one teaches you how to start a business, how will you even know where to begin?

The aim of TrepMaker is to provide those tools for you. For the moment, we focus on High School kids in America.


In collaboration with the teachers, we have helped High School students write a business plan. Through the Rotary of Altadena, we have awarded scholarships to winning student business plans since 1999.

We have extended our influence to Nigeria. In 2012, we ran a conference with thousands of locals in attendance.


This is our 6th year in Nigeria (5 for me), reaching out to 7500 University Students to date in 5 day Seminars on “How to Make a Job” complete with graduation certificate and opportunity to participate in contest to Write a Business Plan” and win (top 3 in each of 5 Universities to date) a lap top computer. We have taught seminars in Imo State (Federal Polytechnic University Nekeda), Imo College of Advanced Professional Studies, Federal Polytech Kaduna in Kaduna State, Gidan Waya Teachers College (Nassarawa) and Federal University of Technology in Minna, Niger State.

A number of these students have started and run successful businesses today.

Our teaching team this year includes Sarah Phillips Nigerian American and former Chief Legislative Officer in Kaduna State (5.5 million people), Mary Lakeru Nigeian American Business Consultant in Orange county and John Davis, Chief Financial Officer Mt. Sierra College and yours truly former Property Manager CEO and Chamber of Commerce CEO.


This website is under construction. More to follow.

About TrepMaker: The Entrepreneur Maker

Welcome to Trepmaker.

TrepMaker’s goal is to encourage the creation of new businesses by changing the mindset of individuals. Far too many of us get an education to be employed. We don’t realize our full potential. We rely on others to shape our future.

For many it’s the only choice because venturing out on our own is such a radical and mind boggling concept. But what if we plant a seed that you too can start an economic revolution? What if we show you what it’s like to wear the shoes of an entrepreneur where 9 to 5 isn’t a routine but a time frame to maximize your talents?

Dreamers, this website is for you.

Trepmaker’s goal is to create jobs.

It’s also about

Expanding people’s minds to new concepts.

This website is made by volunteers who are busy earning a living. Yet we will eventually find time to turn this website into a resource for organizations and ideas for the entrepreneur.

For now, we will be putting some of our announcements plus comments about the shape of the Trep world — some original and some taken from other websites (we encourage you to visit the original sites). We also have a Resource Page which we will be adding to every now and then.

We hope this will inspire you to go for that dream of joining this courageous club of Treps.

BTW, we have been deluged with spammers so if your comments do not receive any attention, contact us ( and if that still does not work, call Ray at (626) 798-0404.