Arcadia H.S. Wins 1st and 2nd Place in District Business Plan Competition

by C. Ray Carlson, Chair, District Job Creation & Entrepreneurship

Mt Sierra College in Monrovia was the battleground for three high schools as their teams competed with oral presentations of their business plans. Not exactly a Shark Tank (ABC TV) competition, but exciting to watch, nevertheless.

First place went to Ace of Tennis by Arcadians George Hou and Justine Lima and was about a tennis store that would compete with existing sporting good stores. San Gabriel Valley is a community of tennis players, they claimed and offered a specialized service based on Hou’s obvious expertise as a tennis player.

Second place went to Renati Cithara by Arcadian Saenz Rosell who brought his guitar and demonstrated different guitar sounds that experienced players would more likely find in his guitar shop. Competition would be fierce but he convinced the judges that he might succeed.

Arcadia instructor, Mrs Susan Stallings, had an answer for why her two retailing teams succeeded. “Having been the Operations Manager (AGM) for May Co.-Arcadia several years ago, it was my job to keep expenses in line with projected revenues. Therefor a lot of my teaching is trying to drill in the concept that a good business idea needs to be thoroughly thought out, Sometimes the students actually get it!” as hers did.

Third and fourth place went to Muir H.S., and San Marino H.S, 1st place winner in two previous district competitions, was an ‘also ran.’ But that did not keep San Marino past president Isaac Hung from being very excited by the whole standing-room-only event, as he gave concluding remarks.

John Davis, Arcadia Rotary and Chief Financial Officer of Mt Sierra College, and a colleague were very happy with the winners and the whole event with 16 students. They urged Rotarians to keep coming back and even for more than this competition. The college is fully equipped to handle digital streaming of business plan presentations live or on YouTube from Las Vegas and other distant schools. Boulder City Sunrise may be one of those next year as they have requested the curriculum for a teacher at Boulder City H.S. who is eager to teach Entrepreneurial Literacy in the Fall.

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