In the Huddle: A Nation of Entrepreneurs

I want to share this article about the entrepreneurs of America

by – Fran Tarkenton
Small Business Solutions

One of the most important sources of this country’s greatness has always been its entrepreneurial spirit. We are a nation of entrepreneurs, always looking to use the resources and skills we have to make life better for ourselves—and for everyone around us.

So many of the great innovations have gotten their start here. In a very short time, the United States built a legacy of creativity and growth that has made life better for billions of people all over the world. From the cotton gin to the light bulb to the iPhone, America has been the source of life-changing invention and innovation.

The brightest minds from around the world want to come here to study and work. We have hundreds of thousands of new startups every month, representing millions of people who are looking for new ways to solve our problems and help people. And it’s not just a bunch of technology savants in their garages and dorm rooms, either; it’s seniors, early retirees, and people who want to be their own boss instead of working for somebody else.

But we cannot be complacent about the future of entrepreneurship in this country. We need to instill values of hard work and perseverance to overcome obstacles and failures. We need to encourage people to think differently about problems and not just do everything the same way everywhere. We need to celebrate the people who do great things that make our lives better and create jobs. And we need to make it easy for would-be entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

In business—as in football—you can never stop. You always have to find ways to get better and smarter. To maintain our position as a center for entrepreneurship and innovation, we have to keep getting better. We can do a better job of educating entrepreneurs, and encouraging everyone to stay active and engaged. I am optimistic about our future, but it will require hard work.

Our growth will always be linked to the passion and willingness of our people to set off and start their own businesses and add value to their communities. A culture with a passion for entrepreneurship. That doesn’t mean politicians in Washington; that means every one of us encouraging others to think different, take risks, and help people.

I think we can do it.

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