Documentary: Generation Startup

If you have a Netflix subscription, and you have a Trep blood flowing insode you, then you should watch “Generation Startup.” I’m sure the documentary is available elsewhere so do a little research on your own.

As the movie description states: “The film tracks six young Detroit entrepreneurs over 17 months as they struggle to make their business dreams into successful startup realities.”

It shows the difficulty and the rewards of charting your own future.

When you’re young you can dream big. It starts with a concept. A recognized need and a plan that mixes creativity, technical know-how and supportive partners. It shows the pitfalls of trusting the wrong people, the discouragement from family, the need for Plan B.

The film shows a difficult but positive view of Treps. Even if you fail, you learn something from the school of hard knocks.

I highly recommend this film.


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