Documentary: Silicon Cowboys

Silicon Cowboys is the story of Compaq computers. Three men banded together to form a company. They didn’t really know what it was going to be about. They just had that Trep blood in them to build something. One of their early concept was to start a Mexican Restaurant. And then they thought about transportable desktop computers. With a sketch of what it would look like that was drawn at the back of a restaurant menu, they got an interested investor and that started it all.

We always hear about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs but not as much about the hardware people. These 3 men and their idea set their eyes on building compatible computers to the almighty IBM giant.

The story covers a decade of the wild west of computer history. It’s a behind-the-scenes travelogue of the different players — not only of the PC hardware but also of Intel who developed the RAM chips which evolved to challenge software makers to more powerful programs.

It also talks about the takeover from the founders — an inevitable stage of many growing businesses where managing more people goes beyond the original founder’s training.

Like most Treps, they weren’t out to get rich. They weren’t out to destroy IBM. They were out to build something better and have fun in the process.

Watch it in Netflix or any other video outlet.

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