Trepmaker Chairman, Ray Carlson Honored by Rotary International District 5300

Trepmaker’s very own Ray Carlson was presented with this Certificate of Appreciation by Rotary International¬† District 5300. Here is how Ray put it in his own words:

“What I have been doing this Rotary year, and actually for 27 years, resulted in this nice award. And at age 87 I was asked to continue what I started in Rotary – Job Creation & Entrepreneurship.”


Here is an excerpt of Ray’s letter to his family after the announcement:

As I relax in my living room chair, listening to classical music on the radio, and reflect on the last 3 days of the Rotary conference, there were many things I had hoped for that did not materialize.
But my mind creates so many objectives that I simply must ask God to make happen what I am capable of achieving with His help.
* * * *
The world isn’t through with you Ray. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to create jobs and as long you are living and breathing, we know you will be spreading your gospel of entrepreneurship. Thank you for all that you do.
— Raoul

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