Vocational Training Team (VTT) Trains 1,520 University Students in Nigeria

A Trepmaker report by our chairman, Ray Carlson

A 5-person VTT returned Sept 28 from a 2-week Entrepreneurial Education training program in the State of Ogun, Nigeria. 1,520 university students in two universities spent 5 full days learning the basics of entrepreneurship and how to write business plans based on their own ideas.

John Davis, Arcadia Rotary, John Frykenberg, Altadena Rotary, and 3 Nigerian-American ladies comprised the team. Sarah Philips, Rancho Cucamonga, was the point person for the team and made all the arrangements. She was formerly chief legislative officer of the Parliament in Kaduna State and is skilled in cutting through bureaucratic red tape and bribe requests.

A Global Grant of $35,000 covered the costs for team travel, lodging, meals, manual printing, promotion, lunches for the students. Sponsoring clubs were Skovde-Billingen in Sweden, Pasadena Rotary and Altadena Rotary. John Frykenberg prepared the grant application and processed it through the Rotary Foundation.

They traveled despite the Ebola crisis and avoided the mega-city Lagos, center of the first cases of Ebola.

An executive team from one of the universities is coming to L.A in December to learn more about Entrepreneurial Leadership and how to promulgate Entrepreneurial Literacy throughout the land through teacher graduates of this university of education.

The Governor of Bauchi State in the North, near the Boko Haram Islamists, has requested a proposal for our team to come in January and train 50 trainers who will then conduct courses in institutions of learning throughout that State. The Governor is considering to finance the costs of bringing our VTT to that State.

More than 9,000 university students have now been trained in Nigeria. Our goal is to impact all 36 states by 2020. This model will then be applied to other African nations, starting with Tanzania in 2015. We will seek clubs in other Districts to do likewise,

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