2015 Rotary District 5300 Business Plan Competition to be Held at Mount Sierra College

Ray Carlson
Trep Maker, Founder, CEO

by C. Ray Carlson, Chairman, TrepMaker

Date for competition: May 7, 2015, Thursday, 3:30 pm

John Davis, Arcadia Rotary, has offered the magnificent facilities of Mount Sierra College for the 2015 Business Plan Competition. Located in Monrovia at the NE corner of Foothill Blvd at Myrtle Drive, this is very close to the 210 Fwy.

With most schools ending their day at 3 pm, a 3:30 start time will be convenient for students and their teachers in the West San Gabriel Valley while those coming from further East can be scheduled for later in the program.

But best of all, the college has remarkable technical facilities for displaying live digitally transmitted oral presentations on a large screen from throughout the district, in addition to earlier recorded YouTube videos. And the competition can be observed live by Rotarians and everyone else on their computers or projected on a big screen.

The competition to date has been between 5 High Schools in different school districts. Many have asked whether Middle Schools and Colleges can compete in separate categories. So your Club can solicit participation of such and we’ll see if there is enough response to start these categories in addition to high schools. Mt Sierra has sufficient rooms to accommodate this.

The entry fee will remain at $250. Prizes are $500, $250, $150, and $100. An application form is on the District website.

Our efforts to stimulate Entrepreneurial Literacy in our children has been very exciting. The resulting business plans have been remarkable. Rotarians have applied their business-savvy to pass forward their lifetime career experience to the potential entrepreneurs sitting in local classrooms. Job Creation & Entrepreneurship is a new focus area of Rotary International. This can serve to interest new members to join your club.

Email Ray Carlson, ray@trepmaker.com, or Denise Wadsworth, denise@trepmaker.com.

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