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Welcome to Trepmaker.

TrepMaker’s goal is to encourage the creation of new businesses by changing the mindset of individuals. Far too many of us get an education to be employed. We don’t realize our full potential. We rely on others to shape our future.

For many it’s the only choice because venturing out on our own is such a radical and mind boggling concept. But what if we plant a seed that you too can start an economic revolution? What if we show you what it’s like to wear the shoes of an entrepreneur where 9 to 5 isn’t a routine but a time frame to maximize your talents?

Dreamers, this website is for you.

Trepmaker’s goal is to create jobs.

It’s also about

Expanding people’s minds to new concepts.

This website is made by volunteers who are busy earning a living. Yet we will eventually find time to turn this website into a resource for organizations and ideas for the entrepreneur.

For now, we will be putting some of our announcements plus comments about the shape of the Trep world — some original and some taken from other websites (we encourage you to visit the original sites). We also have a Resource Page which we will be adding to every now and then.

We hope this will inspire you to go for that dream of joining this courageous club of Treps.

BTW, we have been deluged with spammers so if your comments do not receive any attention, contact us (INFO@trepmaker.com) and if that still does not work, call Ray at (626) 798-0404.

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    • Trep777

      Sorry. I have not been actively involved with the submissions. Who did you submit the plan to? I think the judges have already made their decisions.

      Raoul Pascual
      TrepMaker Webmaster

    • Trep777

      Sorry. I have not been actively involved with the submissions. Who did you submit the plan to? I think the judges have already made their decisions.

      Raoul Pascual
      TrepMaker Webmaster

    • Trep777

      Sorry Kola but I do not have any copies of the manual anymore. If you attended the conference last year, we handed this out for free so maybe the easiest way to get a copy is to borrow the manual from one of the participants and make your own copy.

      The president of Trepmakers, Ray Carlson, made a one-page business plan which you can download. CLICK HERE.

      There are also several other resources on the web:

      I hope this helps.

      There are also other resources on the web like this one:

    • Trep777

      As far as I know, we still do not have a Facebook page. And the reason is because no one has the time to keep up the discussion.

      But this is a good question and I think we should start doing this. I will let you know when this is done.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Trep777

      I don’t think that is a realistic goal. Everyone would like to have a million dollars and everyone has an idea of how to use it but it is the person who can create a business concept using only the available resources around him that can make a realistic business plan. Please stick to a realistic amount.

  1. popoola temitayo

    in terms of rendering a service instead of selling a product the projected cash flow and profit and loss statement is confusing.pls I need advise for that aspect

    • Trep777

      If you follow the manual we gave you in the seminar, you will see a step by step questionnaire that will help you put in the details of your projected business. It may look a little confusing but there really is no quick and easy way around this. If you are really having trouble understanding and filling up the form, I suggest you seek the help of someone who is good at paperwork. Remember what we talked about re: team work? I said you need not have all the qualities of a perfect entrepreneur but you should be good with at least one.

      Find a partner and the two of you can learn together.

  2. omotola oluwafemi

    My question concerning the business plan, I think of going to goat rearing under livestock agriculture and my question is that how many years will it take to calculate the profit based on the assignment because when I calculated the profit, I observed that it will take 3 years before maximising profit, so must I go into the business based on the assignment or can I go into any business of my choice either making profit in a year or in 3 years

    • Trep777

      The business plan is not dependent on how soon one can make a profit but on how realistic the plan is. Goat raising is a good business. I know someone who does this and started with only 3 goats and now she has 18 goats.

      Keep in mind that your business plan will be competing with many others. The winner will also be selected based on originality. If your idea is very common then that will lessen your chances of winning that laptop.

  3. Ebun Oduwole

    On behalf of the University Management and the entire staff of the Directorate of General and Entrepreneurial Studies Olabisi Onabanjo University, I want to say a big thank you to Rotary International USA, Rotary Sagamu Central and most especially Sarah, Raoul and John for that wonderful training. I appreciate all the students that attended the training program. Looking forward to your business plans. Enjoy the Xmas break

  4. Ebun Oduwole

    Students are advised to type out the business plan and submit both hard and soft copy by the deadline of February 10th

  5. Odusote Grace M.

    Tanx alot for the seminar, you have changed alot of my perspective about entrepreneur.
    My question is this:-Can I make one business plan on two differents good?

  6. popoola tayo ridwan

    I really appreciate our guest from USA bcos without them I will not no d worth of wat I knew as n entrepreneur. my sincere appreciation goes to our loving director also..Thanks do much

  7. Esobi Elias

    I must confess that, i learnt a lot of things from this 4days seminar becus i was once a poultry owner bt the business got collaps becus the business was not well planed. But thanks 2 you people,,,,you did a great job… atleast i can now plan my business wel nd start again….comin next is my business plan.

  8. Njoku Emmanuel Ikechukwu

    Please It Is About The Business Plan Assignment Give To Student In Oou That Attend That Program My Question Is That, Are We To Print It Or To Write It With Pen Pls I Need Answers

    • Raoul

      You can print it by hand and submit it to your instructor but if you have access to a computer, it will be far better to write it down in Word or some other program because it will be easier to send to the USA in case your business plan is chosen among the 10 best.

      Good luck!

    • Sarah Philips

      Great!! make it a reality by writing down your business plan. You can practice on the one page business plan and write the detail plan thereafter. Eagerly waiting for your plan.

  9. Ojo Gift Joseph

    A lot thanks to u all for this training …. no ability is limited and I will am willing to learn more from u all…

    • Sarah Philips

      Very good. Make sure you apply the the S.M.A.R.T. goals to ensure that you business plan is something you can actualize

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