Nigeria Seminars

One of Trepmaker’s ongoing projects are seminars we hold in Nigeria Africa. To date Trepmaker has taught over 10,000 college level Nigerians about starting a business. In a country where there is 80% unemployment, this is a vital tool in its economic future. Below are some articles related to Nigeria.


John facing a crowd of 600 future Treps.
John facing a crowd of 600 future Treps.

During the ECWA Theological Seminary in Kagoro, Nigeria on December 2016, the group decided to form an Entrepreneur Club that would meet frequently to discuss ways to grow a business. It was also agreed that a website would be a good venue to seek feedback and engage business owners to share their experiences. Before we move on to a more sophisticated site, we want to make sure that there is enough interest. This page is created to serve this very purpose.



The Trepmaker team composed of John Frykenberg, Sarah Philips and Raoul Pascual went to Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria and held an Entrepreneur Project for 4 days. About 1,029 students filled the stadium and listened to steps on “How to Make a Job.”

The Vice Chancellor of the university made a formal welcome the Trep team.
The Vice Chancellor of the university made a formal welcome to the Trep team.

We thank all of our sponsors: The Rotary Foundation; Rotary Club of Altadena, Dist. 5300, USA; Rotary Club of Skovde-Billingen, Dist 2380, Sweden; Rotary Club if Sagamu-Central, Dist 9110. Also the International Foundation for Entrepreneuerial Education Training who is our cooperating organization. And of course we thank our host Olabisi Onabanjo University for their wholehearted support and generosity.


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